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From cellular contract consulting services, to the free antenna licence check, we provide a wide range of services to fit the needs of most property owners.

Lease Review

Provides a confidential analysis on the rates and terms for a cell site. Determine if the contract is providing fair-market rates and protecting from liabilities.

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About Antenna Management

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Antenna Management Corp. is a Canadian cellular antenna consulting firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia with offices in Edmonton. AMC provides critical information to property owners for new antenna leases, renewals, buyouts, current rates, contract reviews, site audits, safety and permit compliance reviews. We provide the missing data and options you need to make better decisions.

  • Industry Growth

    Cell data growth is estimated at 42% annually until 2020 in Canada.

  • Revenues

    97% of cell gross revenues per site are estimated kept by cell companies

  • Per Antenna

    98% of our renewal clients have not been paid on a per-antenna basis

Our Team

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Roy Bennett

Co-Founder and CEO
Roy has been a consultant in the technology and property industries for over 30 years. Roy is a Professional Property Manager certification from UBC Sauder School of Business, an M.Sc, Entomology from the University of London, a D.I.C., Applied Sciences from Imperial College London, and an M. Sc. Biological Sciences from Simon Fraser University.
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Natalie Bennett

Natalie co-founded Antenna Management and provides operational support. Natalie also works in the information security industry.
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Ryan Wagner

Alberta Manager
Ryan has a background in business development consulting and is a registered as a commercial finance broker in Alberta.

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